When you work during the day, an evening workout is sometimes the only possible way to get a fitness fix. Some of us hit the gym after finishing work, while others go for late-night runs. In many ways, ending your day by taking care of your body is a fantastic habit. Not to mention that you can enjoy a bit more peace once the sun goes down!

Sadly, your evenings are your downtime. Failure to spend at least some of that time relaxing could lead to burnout, and we all know how bad that can be. As such, taking care of both your mental and physical health after work can be tough, especially given how pumped a late night workout could leave you.

The good news is that, just as you can warm up for a workout, you can also warm down from one. That means you’ll be able to squeeze even an intensive workout into your night routine and still feel calm come bedtime. Just keep reading to find out how.

Stretch it out

You should aim to stretch after exercising at any time of day as it reduces muscle tension. In this instance, it can also help to stretch the energy out of you. If you dedicate a good ten minutes to this, you should find that your heart rate has slowed significantly once you’re finished. That will make it a whole lot easier to settle in and get relaxed faster than you could if you didn’t give yourself that time.

Practice breathing

Methods like these Qigong breathing techniques are also a fantastic option for calming yourself down. Even better, you can do them on your way home from the gym without needing to take extra time out. You should find that, done right, the mere act of focusing on your breathing helps your heart to slow. Even better, this habit can help to clear your mind. By the time you get home, then, you should be able to settle on the sofa and enjoy the remainder of your evening without feeling pumped up or thinking about your workout at all.

Take a bath

If all else fails, turn that post-workout shower into a bath. It is vital to note that a hot bath too soon after a workout could lead to painful muscle inflammation. As such, you should listen to your body and leave a little time before turning on the taps. That aside, a hot and scented bath can be a fantastic option. Not only will it help your muscles heal, but it’ll also allow you to calm down and take some pamper time, thus making the most of your evening. You’ll also find that feel snug and ready to settle when bedtime rolls around.

Evening workouts can be fantastic if you do them right. What better way to fit fitness into your day without setting your alarm insanely early? Simply put these post-workout methods into practice, and the chances are that you’ll never look back.