Lately, I’ve received many requests for some exercise ideas that you can do at-home or workouts that incorporate a resistance (or booty) band. Your gluteal muscles are actually quite strong and large in comparison to other muscles on your body, so they can handle continuous work. When I’m not lifting weights, I like to include some of these movements using my booty bands either at home or in the gym. In actuality, you can do these exercises anywhere because they are so simple to do! You can do these before leg day to activate your glutes, or in between your #BodyByLynsee workouts!

Do 3 sets of 15 for each movement, and try adding in some weight for a real challenge!

1. Monster Walk

Place the band around your ankles, slightly bend your knees, and begin taking small steps forward (about 4) and backward. This is considered one rep. Make sure you keep a slight bend at the knees, or you won’t feel this movement. Repeat this 15 times.

2. Pop Squats

Move the band around your thighs, right above the knee. Get down into a squatting position, and thrust your body up to standing position with a slight hop. Focus on squeezing your glutes from the bottom of the squat to the top of the thrusting hop. Keep repeating this for 15 reps.

3. Lateral Band Walk

Place the band around your thighs, and get down into a squatting position. Begin moving lateral 5 steps to the left and then 5 steps to the right. This is one rep. Repeat this 15 times. For more of a challenge, place the band below your knees and keep your feet pointing outward to really feel it in your glutes.

Challenge yourself! Always make sure that you’re trying to lift heavier when you’re training your booty in the gym, and eating the proper nutrients to ensure your body is taken care of. The Body By Lynsee app is packed with plenty of healthy and delicious meal ideas to help you!

You can also find booty bands pretty much anywhere, but mine are by Dynapro.