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Throughout my active journey, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and everything that surrounds me. However, I’ve discovered that there’s always room for improvement and further exploration. Therefore, I’ve teamed up with Zappos.com and The North Face to share my journey to #NeverStopExploring.

I was sitting down with Taejin (my six-year-old son) the other day and we were just talking about how living in Miami, and everything we’ve done over the years. Despite all of this, I realized that there’s so much more to explore. Sometimes, we tend to take for granted all of the hidden gems that surround us. For example, living near the ocean. After living in Miami for ten years, my desire to go to the beach every day has slowly trailed behind. In lieu of staying complacent where we are, we’ve decided to embrace new endeavors. Discovering new places to workout outdoors is something I’ve been appreciating lately, like this hidden spot near the Macarthur Causeway.

Of course, a girl has to have comfortable and cute workout clothes to explore in (it just makes the experience better). Am I right or am I right? I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with this. I’m so excited that the Lucy brand just joined The North Face because it brings a new stylish flair to The North Face brand, and creates a “girl power” vibe that I love so much. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding my workout plan and what I’ve done to build my body thus far, yet many women are afraid to step outside of their comfort zones. The one piece of advice I have for anybody who is looking to create change, is to step outside of your comfort zone and start discovering. My life started changing when I stopped being afraid of new adventures or even lifting weights in the gym, and started turning fears into motivation.

What I’m rocking:

TNF Versitas Fearless Reversible Bra

TNF Indigo High Rise Crop Pants

TNF Traction Knit Shoes