One of the best parts of having a long weekend is being able to discover new hidden gems in Miami with my son. We love to just hop in the car and explore new restaurants, coffee shops, cupcake or donut shops, etc. This weekend, we took out the Lexus ES300h for an adventure. I absolutely love the sleek design and spacious interior. Aside from appearance, the fuel efficiency was incredible. I drove the vehicle for about a week and the tank barely went below 3/4 a tank.

Aside from the driving experience, we went out to look at any new wall murals in Wynwood and stopped by our favorite vegan-friendly cupcake shop, Bunniecakes. If you’re ever in Miami, stop by there for yummy cupcakes in nearly any flavor one can imagine. As for donuts, The Salty Donut always has a line outside and serves until they’re sold out. Wynwood has become Miami’s hidden gem with plenty of new real estate popping up. Where should we go next?


Lexus ES300h featured throughout.

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