The moment I became a mommy, I realized all of the worries that come along with it. 
Although I wish my son would stay pint-sized forever, reality sets in that he’s growing up quicker than I can keep up. As he gets older, I have to learn to let him have his independence and do things on his own. However, I’m the definition of an overprotective mom. Therefore, I’ve partnered up with Bay Alarm Medical to introduce a new device that keeps children protected both in and away from home. The small and lightweight device has GPS location tracking that offers 24/7 push-button help for children during an emergency. It’s especially ideal for kids if they walk home alone or take the bus from school. 
How does it work?
  • Simply push the emergency alert button
  • Operators will initiate two-way communication and track the location
  • If necessary, Bay Alarm Medical will contacts friends, family, neighbors, and local 911 emergency services
Essentially, The Bundle Package is a great (and cost-effective) option for individuals looking for at-home and cell coverage. This includes the In-Home System and GPS Mobile Help Button. For more information, visit
This post was sponsored by Bay Alarm Medical, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.