Allow me to introduce the 2017 Mitsubishi G4, as bold and beautiful as she wants to be.  I had the pleasure of driving the all new car recently, and was quite impressed with its performance and technological capabilities. It has some fantastic smart features that allow for little distraction throughout the driving experience. For example, its CarPlay capability allows your phone to sync directly with the vehicle for a completely hands-free feature where it reads your text messages to you. It also offers the option to type out messages as replies, check voicemail, call contacts, etc. 
Aside from its techie aspects, the automobile is quite purse-friendly if you’re looking to purchase a car that won’t hit too hard on the pockets. Although I would like quicker acceleration, it’s extremely fuel-efficient. I know this, because I basically drove all around the world before having to fill it up. 
The 2017 Mitsubishi G4 is featured throughout.
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