The new 2016 Lincoln MKX combines power, innovation, and class. More specifically, technology is becoming a key aspect of our everyday lives, and the MKX is one primary example of such. Lincoln Drive Control takes driving to a new level, as its advanced suite of sensors consistently monitors the vehicle’s movement, steering, and braking. There was an instance where I left one of the doors open as I was leaving my parking garage, and the MKX stopped itself completely until I closed the door. 
Ultimately, the new Lincoln MKX offers a luxurious driving experience by monitoring interaction between the vehicle and its passengers. The system connects with its driver by adjusting the firmness of the steering wheel to provide a smooth drive, while hugging the passenger with 22-way multi contour seats and heated/cooling settings. Miami most certainly calls for cooled seating and seats that hug your butt. Who doesn’t love that?
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